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Our Equipments
Envirolyte ECO-120
Residential and Commercial Water Purifiers and Ionizers

   Kills Bacteria Kills Viruses Reduces Heavy Metals to EPA Levels of Safety

   Envirolyte ECO units: for those, who take care of their health
  • Envirolyte ECO units are designed for purifying tap water that doesn's meet the WHO (World Health Organisation) health standards. Not only does it kill all bacteria and viruses in the water within seconds, but also reduces heavy metal content to European safety standards and produces pleasant-tasting potable water, retaining most of its beneficial mineral contents.
The process involved in the production of potable water has been developed over many years and still has no analogues. Envirolyte ECO units has undergone technical and independent medical-biological testing, confirming that it destroys even extreme levels of bacteria and viruses in water as well as organic compounds (including phenols), rendering it safe, tasty and drinkable.

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