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Agriculture Horticulture

Adding a new dimention to the agriiculture

 Green fodder / silage preservation  

  • Anolyte,generated by Envirolyte units, is recommended as a preservative in green fodder / silage preparation / preservation for storage. Introduction of anolyte basically does not affect the traditional procedure of green fodder / silage preservation.
  • In this application anolyte serves as a conservative, which does not cause side effects for the quality of green fodder/silage, which is often the case when traditional chemical preservatives are used. At the same time anolyte performs as a regular conservative adding acidity to green fodder/silage and disinfecting it. Apart from this anolyte actively inhibits "breathing" of the plants what results in saving of many important vitamins that usually disappear when temperature goes higher than 50Co.
  • The important advantage of anolyte application is that the high quality green fodder/silage can be preserved for future consumption regardless of the green mass moisture, composition and weather conditions.
  • Green fodder/silage conservation with anolyte results in better quality of the produce and its preservation. Eventually better consumption of the green fodder/silage leads to increased milk production (by 19%) and higher weight gain by the young animals (increase in average daily weight gain by 42%).

Cost effectiveness of anolyte application
against traditional conservative/preservative.

Table 1:

Type of conservative Cost of 1 ton (EUR) Requirement per 1 ton of silage (L) Cost of conservative per 1 ton of silage
Acidic Anolyte 2,5 EUR/Ton or 0,0025 EUR/L 15 L/Ton 0,0375 EUR/Ton
Traditional conservatives based on mixed organic acids 800 EUR/Ton or 0,8 EUR/L 5 L/Ton 4,0 EUR/Ton

Other benefits of anolyte application for green fodder/silage preservation:
  • 95-100% of the green fodder/silage is reliably saved for further consumption;

  • anolyte is ecologically safe preservative contrary to traditional chemicals, which are in many cases poisonous, explosive and have chemical residual in the fodder that makes it impossible to use them sooner than 2-3 months after the treatment of the green fodder/silage;

  • with anolyte we avoid other hazards often associated with handling of dangerous chemicals;

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