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Frequently Asked Questions

What chemicals are used to produce Envirolyte solutions?
They are produced using a 0.5 to 1% solution of water and salt (NaCl or KCl) plus electricity.

What does an Envirolyte generators do?
The generator produces a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic liquid that can replace harsher chemical formulations.
What liquids the generators produce?
The generators produce three basic liquids: Acidic Anolyte, Neutral Anolyte and Catholyte.
What will the liquids do?
The Anolytes are guaranteed to remove and destroy all fungi, spores, bio film, bacteria and viruses in milliseconds. The Catholyte is a mild cleaning agent.
What is Acidic Anolyte?
Acidic Anolyte is an acid equivalent. It holds a pH value around 2-3 and can replace chemical agents where an acid agent is used. It is guaranteed to yield better results and be more cost efficient.
What is Catholyte?
Catholyte is a caustic soda equivalent. It holds a pH around 11-13 and can replace chemical agents where caustic soda is used more efficiently and at a far less cost than any chemical formulation. With Catholyte processes like CIP can be accomplished using cold water yield the same results as using caustic soda in warm water.
What is Neutral Anolyte?
Neutral Anolyte is a mix of Acidic Anolyte and Catholyte. It holds a pH of around 7.5-8.5 and can replace chemical formulations used for rinsing and other tasks where acidity might be a liability.
What are the active agents in the liquids?
The Anolytes consists of 99.6% water, 0.26% salt and 0.05% hypochlorous acid, hypochlorite ion, hydrochloric acid with a touch of chlorine. The generators contain one (or more) special electrolyte cells that charge the water with an electrical charge. The concentrate of liquid holds around 800 - 1,200 mV of charge (ORP), depending on whether it is acidic or neutral anolyte.
What is so special about this electrolyte cell compared to other similar products?
The membranes in the cells are coated with a special alloy that enables the cells to endure extremely high voltage throughput. Other electrolyte cells on the market will only manage a voltage of around 8 volts, and their lifetime is around 6-8 months. In the Envirolyte cells the voltage is 4 times as high and life time is longer.
What is the life expectancy of the Envirolyte Cells?
Our product line ships with a 1year factory warranty, although the cells are expected to have a lifetime of 2 to 5 years, after which only the cells need be replaced.
How much liquid can the units produce?
It depends of the unit. We have units that produce from 400 to 20,000 liters a day. The solutions are in concentrated hence these could be added or diluted in small ratio.
What does the unit cost and what are the running costs?
There are no off-the-shelf prices. All of the units are customized for their intended use. Prices are estimated to range from ą7,000 to over ą400,000, depending on the type of application. Once the unit is installed, then the only running costs are ordinary water, edible salt and electricity!
I donít see any reference to my industry on your website. Does this mean that it canít be used?
No! Envirolyte has deployed products in an endless range of industries for sometime now. If you donít see any referrals or white papers concerning your industry on our site, please contact us for more information.
Can our company buy the solutions from Envirolyte?
No! We do not sell the solutions. We sell the generators that produce the activated solutions.

How much do I need to dose in my application?
Not much, but it depends on the application. Envirolyte, however, considers 5% dosing of the liquid in concentrate form to be a high dosage. In drinking water normally 1:2000 (depending on the contamination) is more then enough to remove all bacteria and bio-film.
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